Flexible Integration
Options to fit your needs and easy set up without IT headaches.
Loyalty & Social Buzz
Stand out from the competition and incentivize advocacy.
Sophisticated Tracking
Segmented reports to refine and maximize ROI.
Increase Sales with Integrated Cash-Back Programs

From small business to enterprise solutions, our robust platform provides everything you need to implement a cashback program tailored to your marketing goals.

Rewards programs come in many different shapes and sizes - our knowledgable staff will work closely with you to find the cashback solution that strikes the perfect balance between cost effectiveness and maximizing user engagement. With our technology, you can set a global percentage rewarded for everything in your store, run special deals where rewards are doubled or tripled for a day or week, or draw attention to specific products by offering increased cash back for purchasing them.

You're also in control of every other aspect of your program. With NextBee you define the terms - set a minimum threshold ($10, for example) users must accumulate before requesting payout, or send rewards out automatically, on a weekly or monthly basis.

Once you and your account manager have devised a strategy, our design team will build everything needed in a few short weeks - keeping you up to date throughout the process. When we've completed the legwork, your team will receive detailed setup instructions that will be simple to install, and won't require any IT expertise.

To be effective, a cash back program must be easy to access and simple to use. NextBee will never make your clients jump through hoops or fill out longs forms to start earning cashback on their purchases.

Integrated into your existing shopping cart and checkout process, users can begin taking advantage of exciting cashback offers on their purchases right away. Using landing pages, iFrames and branded widgets, we can help you promote the program on the front end of your site to convince new visitors to join and become new customers.

NextBee's Single Sign on (SSO) module ensures unmatched participation - all of your email list subscribers, Facebook fans and customers are automatically registered and can sign on to view their rewards accounts.

Want to further motivate engagement from your rewards program members? NextBee has a host of solutions to keep them coming back. Smart triggers and auto-responders can be set to notify dormant users of the rewards they've accumulated in the past, remind them of how much they need to purchase to reach the threshold and claim their cashback, or offer increased rewards for re-engaging with your brand through their social media profiles.

You can pool your sponsors and create a rewards store; users can opt to use the cashback points they've built up for discounts, special offers or gift cards based on the preferences of your sponsors.

Activities to Motivate Sharing

Your customers were happy with your product, now they're ecstatic with the rewards they're getting. NextBee's social media integration options let them easily sing your praises to their friends.

With post-purchase sharing options, users can quickly post a message to their Facebook wall - and in all their friends' newsfeeds - or send a message to Twitter, directly from your order confirmation page.

With refer-a-friend widgets, customers can import contacts and send pre-populated messages to extend your word-of-mouth marketing over email. Incentivize sharing further by giving users unique referral links, and reward them more cashback or loyalty points every time one of their friends uses their link to make a purchase.

Our rewards program software can also be configured to include tiered rewards: offer special prizes to users who engage and use the system the most. They might be tempted to cash out when they've earned $20, but if they can see that they just need to make one or two more purchases to earn a platinum level reward, they'll be motivated to spend more.

The Most Sophisticated Tracking

We know that running a cashback program that is profitable for both you and your customers you need detailed tracking and meaningful data. Our dashboards provide an array of reports that can be segmented to track almost any variable. With NextBee you can view reports by:

  • Activity Levels
  • Landing Page
  • Sign-ups and sharing
  • Referral Channel
  • the list goes on...

Your program will be optimized to achieve the results you desire, and you have visibility into this. Furthermore, if there is ever a specific report you need that isn't in our standard list of reports, simply send a message to your account manager and they'll get if out to you right away.

NextBee is relentlessly focused on user experience, customer service and comprehensive reporting because we want nothing more than for your rewards program to be a resounding, ROI positive success that brings monetized reach and brand awareness you can't match anywhere else.

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